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Only 1 In 50 People Can Spot The Odd One Out In Less Than 30 Seconds

Can you see the odd one out in all pictures of this visual quiz in less than 30 seconds?

If you can, well done, you have just complete the most difficult visual perception quiz out there. Don’t forget to challenge your friend!

Now. let’s start:

Test 1

test 2

test 3

test 4

test 5

test 6

How many odds can you find there?


Most People Get This Wrong The First Time – How Many Q’s Can You See?

The puzzle below is the latest version of this theme. It’s quite simple in design, but most people get the answer wrong on their first try. The challenge is to find the letters that stand out from the others.

Now, I must admit, I wasn’t perceptive enough to guess the right answer right away. But if you really focus and tune out all distractions, then I definitely think you can do it.

However, what makes it extra hard is that you only have 10 seconds to decide on an answer.

Find the letter Q

Below is an image with lots of O’s. However, there are several Q’s hidden in there. How many Q’s are there in the image? You have 10 seconds to figure it out. Ready, set, and go!

Do you have your answer ready? Good, let’s see how you did. Remember, most people get it wrong on their first try, so it’s harder than you’d think.

How Many Q’s Can You See?

See the solution below. We have marked all Qs in yellow.





The right answer is that there are 7 Q’s hidden in the image!

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