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These 5 Questions Appeared In A 1950 IQ Test. Can You Answer At Least 1 Correctly?

When intelligent people like you get tired of doing work the whole day and they need a break to fresh up their mind, they tend to solve some interesting puzzles and questions. To get rid of the boring situation these questions will help you think differently.

Sometimes solving these questions becomes difficult. Here we bring you some of the interesting questions that we would like you to give a try. And do let us know what was your score. Scroll down to check your answers, and let’s get started!

Think you can ace this 1950 IQ test? Give it a go!

1. 8 + 8 ÷ 8 + 8 x 8 – 8 = ?

2. What does the Roman numeral C represent?

3. What are the first three words of the bible?

4. When you add the square root of 81 to 12 squared, what do you get?

5. Where was Christopher Columbus born?







1. A: 65

2. A: 100

3. C: In the beginning

4. A: 153

5. A: Italy

If you correct 5/5

Only 2% of the population can score this high in this 1950 IQ test.

You see things from different perspectives. You know how to think in new combinations. You give yourself time to daydream and fantasize. You declutter your mental environment to develop your creativity and imagination. Even though you often have your head in the clouds, you do things the way YOU think they should be done. You trust your gut, and you’re not afraid of somebody’s disapproval.

How did you do? Did you ace this math quiz? Do you think math tests were harder or easier in 1950?

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