Home Life A guide wore Colonial clothing

A guide wore Colonial clothing

A man wore Colonial clothing, guiding tourists through the historic district. Suddenly, he tripped and fell, breaking his wrist.

He went to the hospital, and as he sat waiting in the emergency room, a policeman

walked by.



Doing a double-take at him in his 18th-century garb he asked, ‘Just how long have you been waiting?’

L. Billy and his Grandad go fishing.

L. Billy and his Grandad are searching for fishing worms to use as bait.

They are coming across many different insects but nothing suitable to use for bait until little Billy proudly holds up a long dangling insect.

Little Billy exclaims “I found some bait grandad”.

Grandad responds “Sorry Billy we can’t use that. It is not an earthworm.”



Little Billy replies “Well what planet does it come from Grandad.”

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