14 Amazing Psychological Facts You Not Know But Value To You In Life

1. The song that you love dearly is linked to a dear emotional event in your life.


2. Music can have a significant impact on your perspective according to the University of Groningen which conducted a study on the subject.


3. What makes you happy is giving to other, more so than giving to yourself.


4. You will be happier if you spend more money on experiences than things. Life is about collecting memories, not material stuff.


5. Kids are more anxious now than they’ve ever been in the past. Studies have shown that more than 50% of the world population suffers from depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.


6. Religious practices can relax your mind and lower your stress levels. According to studies, people who regularly meditate and pray are less prone to stress in their life.


7. Money can really buy happiness but just up to 75 thousand USD annually. According to surveys this amount of money per year is enough to buy happiness for the average American.


8. If you surround yourself with happy, positive people you will also be happy.


9. People aged 18-33 are the most strung people in the world. In this period of their life they obsess over things like education, job, starting a family and so on, which can be pretty stressful.


10. There is a thing called placebo sleep, which is when you convince your brain that you’ve slept more than you actually have. This makes you more rested and full of energy.


11. The sad reality of today is that intelligent people don’t value themselves enough while ignorant people have too high of an opinion about themselves. This is called the Dunning Kruger Effect.


12. According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago you can make more rational decisions if you think about them in another language.


13. If you remember something that happened in the past you’re not actually remembering the actual event, rather the last time you remembered it. This is why over time we start to forget things or remember them vaguely.


14. You’re less likely to achieve your goals if you announce them. There are even studies that support this.

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