5 Differences The One Will Marry And Between The Guy You Are Dating

1. The man with whom you are only together will tell you that he is not the kind of obligation. He will spend time with you, finding out, doing things, and never admitting that he could commit to any obligation.

The man you will marry is the one who you feel right after the meeting. At that moment, everything in your life changes and this lets you know that you can not live without him/her


2. The man you meet meets you in a place where you party, drink and sleep together. The man you want to marry would like you to find a place where you are both interested – a place where you are both connected. From there you build the future of your relationship, you believe in each other!


3. He will test you and see which buttons he can press. He wants to see how much you are willing to give. When you marry a man for the first time, what you give does not give you the impression that you are trying too hard to make your relationship work.


4. Bills

Flings will want to impress you by saying that he will pay all but then making sure to get out of it with some excuse. Keepers, if they want to pay/can pay for both of you, will pay.


5. Patience

Remember the saying that men think with their genitals? Yes, it is true. If you’re with someone who clearly states that he does not want to wait to have [email protected], make sure he’s safe. It is a swarm that wants to have the cake before it is thrown. However, if the guy is patient and ready to wait, the security guard is thorough.

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