5 Things Every Mom Wants To Tell Her Daughter

1. You are beautiful.

Believe me, you are beautiful. You are perfect. Just as you are. And even if I understand it correctly, my heart breaks every time you think you are not. You’re truly beautiful, Don’t compare yourself to others.


2. You can be what you want and never let others tell you anything. You are smart, you are brave, you are good enough. They are identical to boys and men – they are equal but not equal.



4. Know that as long as I live, you have a house with me. No matter where you go and how far you go, you can always come back. I love you unconditionally.

Whatever your choices and what happens to you, you can go home anytime. I always stay here and wait for you coming back home with me. love you


5. Do not make the same mistakes as me. Go make yours! And you will make mistakes: some will be bigger than others. It’s okay with me. I always do mine!

And I hope so, because if you never make mistakes, never take risks or opportunities.

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