6 Important Things Everyone Should Do Before You Turn 26


1. It’s okay to be wrong.

Sometimes, you cannot avoid making mistakes, having bad choices. Those are what spice your life up, and make it feel so much more amazing to be alive. Learn how to accept defeat.


2. Learn from mistakes.

If you end up doing the same thing, learn from it the second time around, until it becomes ingrained in you. Learn from them, and be a better person because of them.


3. Do what you love to do.

If you’re still stuck with the day job you loathe, this is the time you quit it and do whatever makes you happy. Find something that makes your heart burn with passion, and makes you want to get up in the morning, ready to seize the day.


4. Stop giving fucks.

Give yourself a break. If you’ve always lived your life according to how society tells you to live it, now is the time to stop caring about what other people think. What YOU think is what matters the most.


5. Be in the present.

Stop taking selfies, for crying out loud. Enjoy the sunset, savor your food, try to enjoy the moment as it is right now.


6. You Will Not Please Everyone

Don’t even try.

Doing this is buying a one-way ticket to stress and burnout. And you will have no life of your own. Slavery was outlawed long ago, so don’t be a mental or physical slave to anyone.

7. Don’t Hold onto Anger

Nothing is more destructive. Someone may have “wronged” you – now they are renting space in your head for free. Letting them stay there sours you and takes time from positive thoughts and energy. Let go. Move on. Ad work on forgiveness – it’s pretty liberating too.




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