6 Most Important Signs That Prove You’re Still in Love With Your Ex

The definition of love is extremely difficult because every person and every couple is different. This can sometimes be very simple, but also very complicated. Some people believe in love, and others are so bitter that they even give up love. In simple terms, love is always complicated.


Sometimes we make the right decisions and sometimes not. But trying and failing is better than doing nothing to find your soul mate. We have listed a number of signs that you still love your ex. Being separated from someone does not mean that you stop loving them right away.



1. You still have hope
This is normal, especially shortly after dissolution. If we still have deep feelings for our ex, it is normal to hope that we will be back with them. But if this feeling lasts for weeks or months, you will definitely love your ex.


2. You check daily Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Just in case he goes out with someone who is not you. Or you do this just to feel like you’re back in your life.

3. If you think you can hit him, make sure your outfit is turned on. POINT.

You never wear heels at the grocery store, but today you are safe. Lipstick, curly hair, that denim jacket he loved – the works.


4. If you plan to visit him, prepare something fun, but say anyway to show you’re done (but you’re not).

Something similar when Charlotte tells Big in the SATC movie “I curse him the day you were born” because Big was an idiot and he deserved it.


5. They regret having lost their true love
They regret having lost it. You go back to the past and regret the moments when you rebuked him or are ready to break up with him.


6. You compare it to other people
By mistake, compare it to all the other guys. Nobody can match his obsession with the X-Box. He prepares you the best cheese sandwich in the world. They feel that no one is good enough.

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