7 Year Old Finds Winning Lottery Ticket And Then Donates It To The Homeless

The purity and compassion shown in the hearts of children is a sight and the beautiful heart of Phoebe Brown has inspired the world with love.

While out with her Mom running some errands, she noticed a scratch ‘n’ sniff lottery ticket laying on the ground.

She decided to pick it up and discovered that it was actually a winner and worth $100.


Instead of looking to buy something for herself, she asked her Mom if she could donate it to her school’s food drive for the homeless.

Her Mom agreed, and her Father then decided to match whatever amount his daughter decided to donate. Phoebe then went to the store, purchased $200 worth of canned goods, and donated them through her school. Phoebe’s class managed to collect and give 541 food to the needy. His school realized that his class had grown the most for the poor.

As a fun reward, Phoebe’s gym teacher invited her and her classmates to shave his beard, a fun way to reward their kindness.

Phoebe’s course will surely remember how beautiful, fun and important it is to practice generosity and kindness to the needy. Her selfless act of goodness went well beyond the small paper lottery ticket she had found in the street.

“A little thought and a little kindness are worth more than a great deal of money.”

~John Ruskin <3


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