9 Bedtime Habits of the Most Successful People

These are 9 habits of successful people before going to bed:




Behavioral experts have discovered that successful people read just before going to bed. These people include Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Vera Wang and many other who consider reading a non-negotiable activity.


2.Having an “unwinding” ritual


Successful people almost never work before going to bed. There are always exceptions to this rule such as “workaholics” who stay up late to finish their work. However, unwinding and getting proper rest before going to bed is a habit of many successful people.


3.Doing something nostalgic


Another habit of successful people is doing things they used to do in the past in order to remember what’s important in life and who they really are. Being successful also means being able to recognize when you need a mental break and do something other than work in order to relax your mind and body.




Daydreaming or “mind-wandering” has led many successful people to breakthroughs which turned into great success. This includes artists, innovators or other creative people who know the importance of daydreaming. Besides using it to get to a breakthrough, successful people also daydream in order to relax, gain inspiration or make potential goals.


5.Planning for the next day



Successful people don’t stick to the normal “9-5” working routine, instead they have a work ethic and they work a lot longer. Even though they rarely work before bedtime, they often plan the following day. This way they have a clear view of the next day’s activities which helps them be more focused and less stressed.


6.Unplugging from everything


In order to completely relax and recharge you should disconnect from any digital device that might disrupt your piece. Researchers have also discovered that using electronic devices before going to bed can make falling asleep much difficult and less sleep means less productivity.


7.Prioritizing family


Work-life balance for successful people actually means work-family balance. Most of the successful people put their family first. Even though it is sometimes very hard to find time for the spouse, children, relatives etc. successful people always tend to spend more quality time with the people they love.


8.Practicing gratefulness


Successful people often write down or at least thing about the things they are grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal is also a common habit among successful people which they use as a reminder for the progress they have made.

Those who lead a more stressful life are the ones that have this habit which helps them reduce the stress in order to avoid being overwhelmed with pessimism.




Successful people are often under a lot of stress and being stressed for too long leads to a longer time to decompress.

Some like going to the gym, others prefer meditating, listening relaxing music. No matter the activity you must always find time to decompress.

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