Only 3% Have It On Their Hands… Here’s The Meaning Of The Letter X On Your Palms

There are a lot of researches for learning more about the lines on our palms. These researches try to discover their meaning. In most cases, the lines on the palms are connected with the prospect and personalities of the person and their success regarding money, career, life and health.

The meaning of the letter X on both palms is not related to superstition techniques from India, or with Palmistry. It is actually a very ancient method coming from Greece and Egypt, and their population used it so they can predict their future.

The very last fact regarding this process comes from the Alexander the Great’s era. He actually had two X’s in his palms, and some of his royal advisers said that he was the most powerful leader.

A lot of people have study this from the STI University in Moscow and this research helps people to understand the relation between the destiny of people and the letter X on their palms.

The discoveries claim that those who have the X on their palms are extraordinary. Some of the greatest world leaders such as Putin, the Russian president and Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States had X on their palms.



This means that if you have X on your palms you are destined to be successful and enjoy greatness. Some scholars from Egypt say that just 3% of the world population has it. People with X on their palms have very strong characters and amazing destiny and they do not even have to plan it.

Many people try and plan their success but these people do not have to make any kind of plans to be successful. They just need time until this becomes real. They are remembered after their death for a long time.

However, you have to know that they can also sense everything. They are aware of everything, you won’t be able to deceive them and betray them. They have a powerful destiny and those who try to betray them can end up in trouble.

Another interesting fact about them is that they are very strong, but they also seem not like they are week. One study says that they do not have problem communicating with other people. They make quick and instant changes in their or other people’ lives.

They have certain personality traits. They have a sixth sense, which means they are intuitive. They are able to feel infidelity, danger and disloyalty. They have great knowledge and are very sharp. When they have to adapt to new things they do not make problems.

They do not forget anything and have the “elephant memory”. As the time goes by they can form an energy cycle around them and this prevent the bad influence of other people.

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