Home Life Bob asks bartender for wifi password

Bob asks bartender for wifi password


Bob walked into a bar and ordered a shot of whiskey. After a little while, he wants to know the wifi password, he asked the bartender:

Bob: What’s the Wi-Fi password?

Bartender: You need to buy a drink first.

Bob: OK, I’ll have a Coke.

Bartender: Three dollars.

Bob: There you go. So what’s the Wi‑Fi password?



Bartender: “You need to buy a drink first.” No spaces, all lowercase.

A man hires a blonde to paint stripes down a road

A man hired a blonde to paint stripes on a road and stipulated in the contract that she must complete a minimum of four miles each day.

The blonde managed to complete an impressive eight miles on the first day, leaving the boss extremely impressed.

However, the second day saw her complete only four miles, which was still commendable, but not as impressive as the previous day.

On the third day, the blonde only managed to complete two miles, and the boss assumed she was having a bad day but allowed her to keep the job.

The fourth day came, and the blonde only completed one mile. The boss was disappointed and asked her why she was not performing as well as she did before.



The blonde replies, “I can’t get far because each day I’m getting further and further away from the bucket.”

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