Home Life Can you spot the sheep hidden among all these Santas?

Can you spot the sheep hidden among all these Santas?

How hard is it to find a shy sheep lurking in a large gathering of Santa Clauses?

It’s so confusing, only genius can find the sheep in less than 1 minutes. Now, let’s see if you can?

Can you spot the sheep among all of these Santas? We’ll give you a clue, the sheep isn’t wearing a red hat or suit. No gloves either.

Keep looking! try your best before checking the answer bellow:

There he is hiding three rows down from the top left corner.

How fast can you find the sheep?

How fast can you find the sheep?


None of my friends could do this – but how many Ms are hidden in this picture?

How many M’s?

This picture (below) will test your skills. It’s quite difficult – even though it sounds simple on paper. It requires the eyes and brain to work together – otherwise, it will get difficult.

You have 10 seconds to solve this puzzle. Look at a picture full of W’s, your task is to figure out how many M’s are hidden in the image.

I shared this puzzle with 3 of my relatives – and nobody answered correctly on the first attempt. Of course, it will be easier if you take more than 10 seconds, so don’t cheat.

Let‘s start – how many M’s do you see in this picture?

Hard, wasn’t it?

At least, most people think so – as they struggle with this puzzle!

How many M’s?

Now let’s see if you managed to find all the M’s in the picture.





Below all M’s are marked in white!

How many did you find?

There are 10 Ms in the picture!

Did you find more than 5? Then you did great!

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