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There is a digit number hidden in the image. Can you see it?

It’s not surprising that optical illusions seem to go viral ever so often – after all, the mind-boggling images are designed to make our heads to spin!

Now, come to this riddle today, there is a couple digit number in this picture? can you see it!

Can you see it yet? What could the number hiding behind the striped possibly be?

If you can’t quite spot the number yet, try stepping back from the screen and looking at it from a distance! Or, maybe even a different angle might help…

The answer will be shown bellow:







If you spotted the number 17, then congratulations! Your answer is correct – the number hiding behind the stripes is in fact the number 17.

If you gave the wrong answer, try again and this time. You may want to look from a new angle or zoom out the image until you see it.

Enjoying solving this optical illusion, why not share it with your friends and family and see how they compare with your answer!

How fast did you find the answer?

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