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Lecture on Sun

Teacher: Tomorrow there will be a lecture on Sun.

Everyone must attend it.

Mary: No madam! I will not be able to attend it.

Teacher: Why?

Mary: My mother will not allow me to go so far!


Funny joke: Old Biker and Hand Job

An old age biker, on a summer ride in the country, walks into a tavern and sees a sign hanging over the bar which reads:

HAND JOB: $1000

Checking his wallet for the necessary payment, he walks up to the bar and beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender serving drinks to a meager looking group of farmers.

“Yes?” she inquires with a knowing smile,

“Can I help you?”

“I was wondering,” whispers the old biker,

“Are you the young lady who gives the hand-jobs?”



The old biker replies, “Well wash your hands, I want a cheeseburger.”

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