10 Amazing Benefits of Cuddling With Someone You Love

Having an intimate relationship is one of the most meaningful experiences a person can have. Sharing time, emotions and experiences with another person can create a deep connection that will last forever. These familiar relationships may even have benefits that most people do not think about. In fact, sleeping next to someone you love has many benefits. Here are 10 reasons why laying next to an intimate partner is a good idea.

1. Cuddling can make for a more satisfying relationship.

Couples who cuddle often tend to have a more trusting relationship. This intimacy can also make the relationship more satisfying overall for each partner.

2. It can help you sleep better.

When you are alone, you can get caught up in your own head. When you sleep alone, you can overthink things. According to research by Andrea Petersen in the Wall Street Journal, once your brain starts going, it’s that much harder to tune it out, close your eyes and shut it down, so you actually fall asleep faster when you sleep with someone else.

3. Cuddling is a great way to start the day.

Cuddling doesn’t just have benefits during the night. Couples can wake up smiling after spending an amazing night in the arms of their partner. Waking up with this sense of happiness can help make the rest of the day positive.

4. It helps to regulate blood pressure.

Researchers from the University of North California conducted an experiment on sleep and intimacy with 59 women who kept a diary of hugs and cuddles they received from their partners. After analyzing their oxytocin levels and checking their blood pressure, the researchers found that those with the highest levels of oxytocin had the lowest blood pressure as well. This hormone seems to work like natural medicines for angina because it reduces the constriction in the blood vessels. Dr. David Hamilton, the author of “Why Kindness Is Good for You,” told Daily Mail about the implications of the experiment.

5. It can make you feel happier on a chemical level.

Studies have shown that our brains release a hormone called Oxytocin while sleeping next to an intimate partner. This Oxytocin is partly responsible for making us feel happy and positive about ourselves. In the arms of a loved one, our brains begin to release this positive hormone and provide us with all of these great feelings. Consider jumping into bed and cuddling with your partner next time either of you is feeling down. It could be just the trick to help you feel better.

6. Cuddling can help beat those hectic schedules.

Couples sometimes have trouble finding time during the week to spend together. Work and other obligations for each individual require a lot of time, from Monday to Friday. While the weekends are always taken advantage of, it’s nice to be able to have some time during the week. Cuddling after a long day at work is a great way for couples to spend time.

7. An intimate form of communication.

While talking is an important form of communication for all couples, it is not the only way to express feelings and emotions. In fact, a large portion of human-to-human communication comes from non-verbal expressions. Cuddling is another form of communication that brings many benefits to a couple. This form of intimate contact can create feelings of safety and belonging. Couples can feel that they have each other’s backs during these moments.

8. Cuddling can reduce cravings.

When you’re laying next to someone you love with arms wrapped around them, your brain isn’t very active. Sleeping next to a loved one is calming and therapeutic. Some research has even shown that cuddling can help reduce all kinds of cravings. From smoking and over-eating to all bad habits in general, these cravings seem to diminish when a couple is cuddling. This is an excellent way to help proactively fight off bad habits.

9. Research says it’s a good idea.

Several studies have been conducted on the relationship between couples who cuddle and the health of their relationships. It has been shown that couples who cuddle each day stay together for a longer period of time. These couples also tend to be more loyal than couples who only have s.e.x together. Cuddling can be more intimate and create a deeper connection than s.e.x.

10. It’s one of the best feelings in a relationship.

Relationships are complicated and have many different layers and dimensions. They are mixes of ups and downs that couples learn to handle as a team. One of the greatest feelings to come from these intimate relationships is the intimacy of sleeping next to a person whom you love.

Show this list of ten reasons to your significant other to encourage more cuddling time in the relationship.

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