11 Signs There Is A Toxic Person In Your Life

It is a well-known truth that there are many toxic people out there. And it’s not that people are toxic per se, but their behavior. However, this does not make them bad people, it just means that they have certain behaviors that are damaging and have a negative impact on our well-being.

Here are 11 behaviors that show a person can be toxic to you.

1. They are bad listeners

When talking to someone, it is normal to think about what we are going to say next. This does not make you a bad listener. Instead, it will show the other person you listened carefully. But toxic people will always lack response and acknowledgment, and you will know they were not interested in what you said. And they will continue to speak for themselves.

2. They are always the victim

Toxic people will always twist any situation to make them seem like the victim. Even if it was their fault entirely, they will be prepared with lots of excuses and they will never admit they were wrong.

3. They are always judging people

Toxic people will have something bad to say about almost everyone, even if they do not know that person well enough. Some even claim they have the “ability” to feel that a person is bad and there is something wrong about them. They will also criticize someone’s personal appearance.

4. They are attention seekers

The easiest way to recognize a person who is desperate for attention is to see how they act during a conversation. Toxic people will be controlling, dominating and interrupting a conversation. The only way they can be satisfied if the conversation is about them and they will usually try to be the loudest.

5. They don’t respect anyone

This kind of behavior might be shocking for someone. Toxic people will litter, cut people off in traffic, they will never say “thank you” or do anything polite. Their behavior is wretched and often disturbing.

6. They are always interrupting

They will interrupt people in every aspect of life just to make the situation about themselves. They will never show patience or empathy and it can be very annoying. The normal way to react is by apologizing, but toxic people are clueless and so self-centered that his behavior is normal for them.

7. They inflate their ego

Toxic people will use every opportunity they get to brag about themselves and talk about their achievements even if nobody asked about it.

8. They are physically or emotionally a-b.u.s.i.v.e

This a-b.u.s.e is will be shown towards people or animals and should never be accepted. Try to protect the victim by reacting accordingly and at least let the toxic person know you are aware of their a-b.u.s.i.v.e behavior.

9. They can’t admit they are wrong

They always want to be right even when all the evidence is against them. No matter how illogical their conclusion is, they will try to be loud and aggressive just to prove they are right.

10. They don’t take any responsibility

This is very similar to #2 and #10. Toxic people will never take responsibility for their actions. They will use illogical explanations and excuses just to get away from their punishment.

11. They are still cliquish

Toxic people will always look down on other people and judge them only by their appearance. They see themselves as the best – always act like they are superior and if someone is not driving the newest car or wearing the latest trends they will think that person is not worthy of their time.

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