11 Unbelievable Habits Of People Who Have Hidden Depression

Some people believe that depression is sadness, dressing in black or crying. This is not the truth, however.

Depression is actually a serious medical illness that can have a negative impact on the way you act, feel and think. It’s the persistent feeling of being numb and exhausted. You may post a picture on Facebook every day, but you do not speak to your family and friends for days under the excuse of ‘I was too busy.‘

But, not having deep and meaningful conversations with your loved ones may lead to loneliness and even depression. Being stressed out on a regular basis may also increase your risk of this mental illness. There are also many other causes of depression out there, such as brain chemicals, genetics, past events, alcohol, and drug use, and more.

If you have these unbelievable habits, you may have depression:

#1 You’re an expressive and talented person

We do not try to say that sadness can make you talented. We try to say that if you have depression, you tend to be expressive when you’re given a chance and freedom to express yourself in a certain field. The world has been blessed with some of the most amazing gems, such as Bill Hicks, Robin Williams, and Jim Carrey. All these people managed to overcome their depression. Maybe it helped them feel things more deeply, and it’s exactly what they portrayed in their works.

#2 You’re always ready for the worst

You’re prepared for everything. However, it does not mean that it hurts any less.

#3 You have unusual eating habits

Sometimes you can go a whole day without eating, whereas sometimes you can eat too much. Your emotions may have an impact on your eating habits.

#4 You have abandonment issues

You do not fully trust anyone. You’re not an emotionally secure person.

#5 You try to find meaning in everything

You doubt everything and do your best to find answers. You usually try to find meaning in everything.

#6 Thinking isn’t a choice for you

Your mind is a messy place. You’re continually swimming in between a pool of thoughts. This simply does not stop, regardless of what you do.

#7 You’re good at hiding your emotions

You’re good at hiding your emotions. It does make you wear a mask, which may stay for too long, so that you even forget what you actually look like.

#8 You have a high defense mechanism

You probably have high walls that prevent others from reaching out to you. You can hide everything. As mentioned earlier, you’re great at hiding your emotions.

#9 You have your own back

You solve your own problems without trying to look up to anybody else for help. You have your own back.

#10 You have unusual sleeping habits

You have unusual sleeping habits. This means that sometimes you stay in bed all day long, whereas sometimes you go on days without sleep.

#11 You cry for help secretly

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on from time to time. But, you cry for help secretly. You don’t ask for help, although you actually need it the most.

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