24 people share the kindest thing a stranger ever did for them. Not everyone is trash!

Writer Nicole Cliffe took to Twitter to ask the Internet for a kindness action. Many people wanted to share their special moments with you. It seems that the world is not as bad as some might think, get out the tissues.

1: “I was living in Chicago–broke, depressed, 22. I ordered a Jamba Juice thinking I had $5 in my checking account to cover it, but my debit card was declined. Then my credit card was declined. I started tearing up and the sweet Jamba Juice employee said, just take it.”

2: “Went solo hiking in the Rockies, fell at the top of a mountain and smacked my head on a rock. Head injury + 15k ft = a LOT of blood. I was screaming in panic and a couple stopped and calmed me down and cleaned me up and sat with me for an hour. Really wish I’d gotten their names.”

3: “In NYC w/my 1 y/o & 3 y/o, got off at a subway station with no elevator. I was struggling to get the stroller, baby, toddler upstairs & starting to lose it when a young couple came down the steps. She hit him and said HELP HER & he grabbed the stroller & carried it up for me, every person who has helped me lug a heavy stroller up or down the NYC subway stairs is the world’s kindest stranger”

4: “When I was 14, my dad had an aneurysm. I was home alone with him, no cell phones, so I couldn’t get in touch with my mom. At the hospital, I was in the waiting room crying when a woman came over and handed me a bunch of quarters to use the phone. Fairly certain she was an angel.”

5: “Also, when I was 22, the funeral director realized I would be putting my brother-in-law’s cremation on my credit card. He only charged me what it cost him.”

6: “In the midst of the divorce, I stumbled into a Starbucks in Montgomery Village, MD. Through tears, placed my order. Not knowing anything about what was going on, the barista told me, “you are going to be ok, don’t you worry.”

7: “Two very kind girls saw that I was drunk and alone on the metro on NYE. They got off the train with me, walked me home, got me a big glass of water and put me to bed. They even let my dog out before leaving.”

8:“I will forever think fondly of the unknown woman down the street from my mom’s house, who brought me cups of hot tea while I sat on the porch on a chilly February night while the coroner was in the house with my mom’s body–I couldn’t bear to go in.”

9: “I once served a couple back in my restaurant days. we had a blast together, great conversation, I never knew them before this day. they left me $90 tip on a $190 dinner bill and included a little note encouraging me to keep smiling and told me I made their date so bright.”

10: “I was WRECKED from a break up the night before a flight. A kind man about my dad’s age sat beside me & had to deal with me crying the entire flight. When we landed, he said softly to me ‘I don’t know what you’re going through, but I hope you find peace’.

11: “When I waited tables, I attended a post-shift meal with a group of coworkers. We were in our uniforms and chatting about the busy shift. A couple approached our table, handed us a $100 bill, and said “We’ve been in this industry for a long time. Dinner is on us.”

12: “I have lost both an envelope full of money and my entire wallet on the streets of NYC and both were returned. The money was my boss’s and she yelled at me so badly when I went to pick it up from the finders I was in tears. The finders heard me crying and hugged it out with me”

13: “Wearing my Kimmy Schmidt “Females are Strong as Hell” t-shirt. An elderly gentleman in a POW/MIA cap ahead of me in line at the grocery store saw it, read it, fist bumped me, and said: “way to go, kid, I’m on your side.”

14: “When I was 9 on the bus to ballet, an older guy sat too close next to me & started whispering. I was freaked but stuck. An elderly woman came over, sat down & said “Louise (not my name), how is your mom?” She stayed there chatting until my stop and walked me off the bus. Savior.”

15: “When I was visiting NYC, a man in Times Square paused his cell phone conversation to tell me he loved my jacket. I was 16, and it was a pseudo-Elizabethan denim corset jacket that I had made myself.”

16: “I was 25 and on a long train ride with my kids, broke, terrified, in the middle of a custody battle. They were mucking around and I was trying to calm them down. People were tutting. I felt a failure in every sense. A woman stood up and told me ‘you’re doing such a good job.’”

17: “The first time I took the Long Island Railroad alone, my ticket flew out of my hand onto the tracks about a minute before the train came. A silent smoking man jumped onto the tracks and handed it back to me.”

18: “I was the ring bearer at my sister’s wedding. Her planner told me to smile when I go down the aisle and I didn’t during rehearsal. Before the ceremony, she told me I had been blessed with a nice smile bc I had a good heart and it was the first thing I ever liked about myself.”

19: “TWICE I have accepted rides from male strangers when I was in trouble and they helped me. Once on a trail at dusk when it crossed a dirt road and there was no way I would have made it down unscathed and once when I’d missed the last bus in winter.”

20: “A TA found me hyperventilating and sobbing because I had missed the final. She scheduled a makeup and said “You know that anxiety dream where you miss a deadline? Well now you’ve actually done it and it wasn’t that bad, you don’t have to have that dream again” and I haven’t.”

21: “Grocery shopping alone after major arm surgery, in heavy bandages & sling. Get in line to check out. A woman in front of me looks at me, says something sharply to her daughter in Arabic. The little girl (9? 10?) proceeded to unload my groceries. 16 years, I remember like yesterday.

“Mom agreed I was old enough to go to the (small-town) grocery store by myself. I had what I thought was enough to buy a Mad Magazine. It was so scary when I got to the register and she said I didn’t. A little old lady passed me a dime and I wish she knew that I never forgot that.”

22: “After my narc ex had destroyed our finances and run off with his mistress, the woman behind the counter at the DMV waived the considerable late fine he’d run up on the car. Very quietly she said, “Don’t worry, honey. All taken care of.” Such a kind soul.”

23: “I was on the subway, heading to an ex-boyfriend’s to do the dreaded exchange of stuff. I was silently crying and an elderly woman sitting next to me reached over and held my hand until I got off. She didn’t say a word. It was so comforting.”

24: “Kindest things that have happened to me: A class of boxers running across the street to push my car out of the snow. A Twitter stranger (now good friend) bringing gift cards for the homeless kids we were hosting. SOMEONE paying my mortgage when I was in crisis. Fanart from kids!”

“Finally for me the kindest thing I’ve ever witnessed was when I was a Lyft driver. Two young women found a falling-down drunk girl crying on the curb near their apartment and escorted her home safe, all the way across town.”

Source: someecards.com

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