8 ‘Rude’ Things People Do That Are Actually Caused By Anxiety

Anxiety can cause a person to silently battle behind closed doors. Racing thoughts, low self-worth, and anxious energy can make the individual behave other than themselves. Being on the receiving end of this behavior can be frustrating, but keeping the following quote in mind can aid in easing our reacting temper.

“You just need to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and then see how they feel and then you will understand why they are reacting or why they are behaving the way that they are behaving.” Perfectly stated by Navid Negahban, this is the ideal reminder when placed into these circumstances. The following rude behaviors/actions are commonly expressed by those who suffer from anxiety.

Canceling plans

Have you ever met someone and truly enjoyed their company? Maybe you have asked to grab a coffee with them; however, they tend to apologize, agree to the plan and cancel last minute, or just not show up. It is possible that they suffer from severe anxiety that causes them to rudely cancel plans that they were initially interested in.

Short temper

An anxious person might adopt a snappy or even harsh tone in response to someone. They could also have a blow up over something that on the surface seems small, but it might just be the pot boiling over, so to speak. The anxious person knows that it might make them seem inconsiderate and they do not want to be rude. However, anxiety can make a person feel edgy all the time and stressful situations can push them over if they don’t know how to cope.

Leave Early

Consider yourself lucky if your friend with anxiety has decided to join you at a social gathering. Knowing that this sort of situation can be debilitating for them, they still showed without canceling. But, sometimes they may catch you off guard and say something along the lines of, “I’m really sorry about this, but my friend just called and really needs my help at the moment, I need to head out earlier than planned;” or, “My sibling isn’t feeling well, just received a call from them that they need me home.” These constant actions and excuses can be due to underlying anxiety.

Lack of Eye Contact

Popular website Independent has provided examples of people suffering from anxiety. One of their participants said it was extremely difficult for her to keep eye contact when her anxiety was overwhelming – whether it be while speaking or listening during a conversation. Some people avoid social interaction altogether. Others prefer not having the spotlight on them when being spoken to.

Non-stop chatting

Ironically enough, silence can sometimes be unbearable for anxious people. To avoid such such uncomfortable situations, people can chat non-stop, appearing as rude to the conversation and selfish. Their comments may be sporadic and the content of their conversations may be completely irrelevant to what is being discussed.

Make space with people

When someone has anxiety, they might focus more on themselves and less on building relationships. They feel as if being around someone if they’re not 100% can waste their time and be disappointing. Some encouragement can help them step out of their shells.

Avoiding people they know

Seeing someone that they know can produce anxiety in a person. They might avoid the person, but it’s not because they did anything wrong. It’s because of insecurity on the part of the person with anxiety. They don’t want to be perceived in the wrong light or bother others by approaching them.

Sarcasm as a defense

When someone has anxiety, they might begin to build walls or use cutting words. Using sarcasm helps them to avoid criticism or self-doubt by trying to push people away.

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