A Grandmother thinks about her Grandchildren.

A Grandmother thinks about her Grandchildren Day and Night. Even if they are not with her, they are always in her heart. ❤

7 Reasons Living With Your Grandma Is Actually The Best Thing Ever

Almost everyone has fond memories with their grandparents, even if you can’t remember any.

They are the ones that get to spoil you anytime they want and they have always had your back. For my whole life, my grandma has lived with us, sometimes just right down the hall from me. Having her there every day has impacted my life in ways I wasn’t able to fully appreciate until left home and didn’t have her there.

Looking back, there are many important things I learned from her, and things she did that I will forever hold close to my heart. During my childhood, I grew up thinking everyone’s grandma lived with them, I soon realized how lucky I was.

1. She’s one of my best friends

We went through a lot of things together and it was not just lollipops and homemade cookies. She was always there for me, even though I forgot to be grateful. The family is a mess, it’s not perfect, but me neither. We have our mistakes, but in the end, we know that we share a link that does not give up easily.

2. She’s the best cuddle buddy

If I had it in the hallway, many nights should have crawled into bed as soon as my parents fell asleep. She always kept the blanket open for me, so that I could snuggle up against myself. Sometimes she would always read and scratch her back to sleep. Sometimes she snored at night and put my head between her pillows. None of that was important when I reached my foot of the bed and felt his warm leg know that she would be there when I woke up.

3. She gives unique relationship advice

At their age, the men were not on their radar. She had too many children who then had too many grandchildren to have time to worry about a man coming home. How could she cold feet and I were still there to cuddle? After divorcing my grandfather several decades ago, she was no longer interested in dating. She always told me to meet before I found a man who would do it for me.

4. She taught me her version of “girly” things

Although I had three older sisters, there were still things that I could not understand as a girl. For example, why I had to wash my hair and my brother did not do it and why it was important that my legs be hairy. I still have a scar in my leg when I tried to shave my legs with my big razor, then I took blood in the hall to find a bandage. Damn, she was not happy, but she finally explained that my hair was so light that I could not even see it, but if you could, she showed me how to do it.

5. She was the loudest fan at every sports game

Living in the same house allowed her to participate more easily in everyday tasks such as sports games and recitals. Small league football, college basketball, recreational volleyball, that was not important to my grandmother. When I played, she applauded. The grandmother was not just a normal jubilant with the crowd, but hit her own drum and shouted loudly and loud whenever she thought it was good. It happened to the point where I begged her not to encourage my games, but I always smiled when I heard her call my name.

6. She would try and help with homework

Algebra was not her strength, she had changed several times since she was an academic, but she was still trying! She told me that the history books were wrong and what “had really happened”, and she just told me that I just had to succeed in science. My grandmother was a spelling corrector because I was awful and I would probably die without spell checking. We had to stay together for hours and review the memory cards before a spelling test, just to make sure I had succeeded 75% of the time. She was there to see me grow through my struggles and witness the miracle of my success.

7. She forgives me for everything

Even if I do not deserve it, their forgiveness is boundless. Did you spill ice on his new carpet? Breaking his porcelain pot with iTunes apple juice with his credit card in charge without asking? All are notable offenses but are always forgiven by grandmother. She’s been there since you wear diapers, she knows your mistakes will not make you who you are.

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