Big Sister Cries While Singing When She Sees Sleeping Baby Smile At Her Voice

In the video below, a mother captured a magical moment between her two daughters: Allie, 9, and her newborn sister, Ashlyn.

The 7-week-old baby was fast asleep in Allie’s arms when the video started.

Allie decided to sing to the newborn as she slept.

When Allie sang her soothing tones to Ashlyn, the baby began to react in her sleep.

Now, music on its own is powerful, but music, when channeled from sister to sister, is probably even more impactful.

You see, in the video, you’re about to watch, the girls’ mother did not just capture a moment, she also captured a memory, a memory they can look back on and enjoy, but also one that could represent the moment their lifelong relationship as sisters truly began.

I am sure that one day they will be able to pinpoint this moment as the point in which their connection as siblings first started!

Ashlyn’s hands began to twitch; she raised a couple of fingers closer to Allie, almost as if trying to reach for the source of the singing. Then her eyelids fluttered and you can tell that even though the newborn was fast asleep, she could still hear her big sister’s voice.


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