Choose One Of These Dream Catchers To Find Out Your Extraordinary Personality Traits!

Native Americans have used dream catchers for many centuries. Dreamcatchers are designed to help “catch” a person’s bad dreams and nightmares before they occur, and to ensure that only good dreams make it into the person’s mind while they are asleep. You can find dream catchers in all kinds of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

The type you select can indicate the type of person you are. Keep reading and discover your personality based on the dream catcher you prefer!






Dreamcatcher 1

Did you choose number one? If you did, you are a very honest friend who is dependable and trustworthy when it matters. Often, you often put blind faith into someone once you have known them for a while. For this reason, you fully expect others to trust you just as completely. When something or someone disturbs your routine, you can let your emotions get in the way of logic.

Dreamcatcher 2

By choosing this dream catcher, you are innocent and enjoy cleanliness. You don’t like hatred in your life and you will instead aim your focus on people and things in your life that you love. When things do not go your way, you tend to isolate yourself. You would rather have perfection and harmony in your life and will do your best to make sure your life is full of it.

Dreamcatcher 3

Those who pick this dream catcher are optimistic extroverts. You find that it is much easier to accept people without having to judge them too much. However, you do fear criticism and judgment from other people. You spend a lot of time thinking about and double-guessing your decisions.

Dreamcatcher 4

You are a very supportive and sympathetic friend and partner. You will always put others before yourself and act in subtle ways. Because you have so much compassion, someone’s harsh words will hurt you more than they should.

Dreamcatcher 5

Last but not least, if you choose this dream catcher, it signifies that you are an independent and determined person. However, you may also be a bit detached from others. When you make a decision that is important to you, no one else will have the power to change your mind, even a loved one. This helps you rise above pessimism from others. You may intimidate others and you also often rebuff the good advice that others offer you.

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