Don’t take it personally.

When people are rude to you, they reveal who THEY are not who you are. Don’t take it personally.

5 Simple Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People.

1. “Thank you”

Saying “thank you” sounds simple, but it can change the course of the conversation. It can show the other person that you’re not angry. Rude people enjoy when others get angry and become impolite back. Remaining polite means that you acknowledge the other person’s rude behavior and you have chosen not to let it affect you.

2. “You’re right”

Most people have a hard time accepting someone else’s point of view. If there happens to be some truth in what the person is saying use this phrase and it will stop the person in their tracks. The conversation will be cut short and this means that there is less chance of the discussion developing into the argument.

3. “You’re hurting my feelings”

Most people don’t tell others when they get hurt and keep it to themselves which causes more problem. It might be that the other person has no idea that they’re hurting you and are not doing it intentionally. It’s best to tell them directly and solve things.

4. “I think we should stop this conversation now”

A lot of people are just mean by nature and there isn’t a lot that you can do about it. But what you can do is put yourself out of that situation. When you see that a person has begun to say things that are offending you, then just be very open and tell them that you aren’t interested in that conversation. Ask them to either change the topic or leave. Some people are just rude and it is your duty to stop them from being deliberately mean to you. This way, the person will also behave themselves and stay in their lane next time. When it comes to self-respect, you should know where to draw the line if the speaker fails to do it.

5. “You always have something negative to say, don’t you?”

If you constantly find yourself fending off rudeness from this person, here’s a great way to make it clear that the issue lies with them.

Often, a rude person is trying to make their ‘victim’ think they’re the ones with all the problems when really, rudeness is more of a reflection of their self-directed attitudes.

Put the focus back on them and nudge them towards confronting their own hostility.

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