Girl With Striking Face Looks So Different From Birth Family That People Think She Has A Disease

Being “different” is a good thing.

At first glance, Pooja Ganatra seems to come from Ireland. With her red hair, porcelain skin, green eyes, and freckles, who wouldn’t?!

That’s why Pooja becomes viral. The 24-year-old was actually born to Indian parents in Mumbai.

Pooja’s parents were completely stunned when she was born. They thought her freckles were a birth defect, as there was nothing “typically Indian” about her striking appearance.

She has no idea where her Gaelic features come from – no one in her family looks like her.

Growing up, those drastic differences didn’t make things easy for her. Throughout her childhood, Pooja was the victim of constant teasing and taunting.

People ostracized her and were convinced she was “diseased.” She says she was viciously bullied by her classmates and would frequently come home from school crying.

Pooja’s self-esteem continued to plummet as the years passed. But then, as a young woman, she began to venture outside her hometown.

She started experiencing a totally new type of attention, and she began to feel like more than an outcast.

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