Husbands Create 7 Hours Of Extra Housework A Week, Recent Study Shows.

Marriage is a wonderful thing. It’s a way for people to fall in love. He supports both people in good and bad times. It can also be as much work as a full-time job.

As times change, this work is often devoted to women. Studies have shown that women do more homework after marriage, but that their husbands work less.

It’s 2019. Men and women are able to do the housework. Why do not men stay in the end? There is therefore an inequality in the distribution of work in marriages.

Marriage is not easy. According to a study from the University of Michigan, marriage has an unequal distribution of work between couples. Women tend to spend an extra seven hours doing housework while a man is spared one hour a week.

The children add another layer. Barely 12 hours a week, a single woman did the least amount of housework. Women aged 60 to 80 were about twice as numerous. Women with three or more children spent most of their time at home, 28 hours a week.

The times are different now. In 2005 alone, women worked on average only 17 hours a week. This is progress, but women are always more than men.

In this study, older men in the home were more helpful than younger men. Single men were the hardest hit. Half of the days at home are over 45 years old. Why do they no longer help?

Fathers are not always in front. Staying at home Fathers are becoming more and more frequent. In 2012, more than two million fathers were not working. This is twice more than in 1989.

Especially the father is at home because of the disease. There are fewer who only want to stay at home with their children.

Daily life takes a lot of time, such as cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and cooking. Although the new equipment does some of the work, there is still a lot of work to be done.

However, more and more women are making money. They work and support themselves and their families.

In fact, 29% of women earn the majority of the money that comes into the house. Why are they responsible for housework then?

Research also shows that women do more housework to compensate. They do it to help their less paid partners feel better.

This is the strange truth. Studies also show that marriage is unsatisfactory when women earn more money. The woman works hard and does even more housework. This leads to misfortune and often to divorce.

However, gay couples are getting better. Same-sex couples share tasks more equitably. They have the same workload. You assign tasks according to your preferences and skills.

In contrast, couples are more likely because of typical gender roles.

So, do women take on the burden of housework because they care about the cleanliness of their home, or have they been picked up for housework?

Do women have a natural instinct to clean more than men?

If men helped with housework, it could actually improve their sex life. Studies show that when women help with the household, they find it very sexy. Men must pull their weight for it to work. Just a job to do here or it’s not enough.

The times are changing. There should be a more even division of labor in the house. They could even try to bring them together. This could help to do the tasks faster and more efficiently.



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