Research Suggests That Women Are More Attracted To Men With Beards

Beards are becoming more and more popular year after year as more men ditch the razors and embrace the natural look.

Celebrities such as Jamie Doran and George Clooney have enhanced this popularity by sporting the bearded look.

According to a new study, thousands of women find beards more attractive than the clean-shaven look.

A new study reveals that bearded men are more attractive

A study by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found that men with beards are generally more attractive than their clean-shaven counterparts.

In the study entitled The Masculinity Paradox, 8,520 women were asked to rate a variety of men based on how attractive they are. They were asked to rate the men with a beard and without a beard and asked if they would consider them for either a short-term or a long-term relationship. The men photographed clean-shaven, five days after shaving and 10 days after shaving. A final photograph was taken four weeks after shaving.

There was also some Photoshop manipulation to the faces so that they would either be more masculine or feminine. This was also done to determine what additional factors might catch a woman’s eye.

The researchers involved in the study said that beards may be popular because those with facial hair tend to look more manly.

It turned out that all of the women involved preferred men with beards – yes, ALL of them, RSVP Live reports.

In light of the results, the Journal of Evolutionary Biology said: “Our findings suggest that beardedness may be attractive when judging long‐term relationships as a signal of intrasexual formidability and the potential to provide direct benefits to females.”

This basically means that men with beards are seen to be better long-term partners than people with no facial hair.

Researchers involved in the study said that beards could be popular because those with facial hair look more masculine.

According to the study, this means that beards help show their “masculine social dominance.”

It also concluded that “extremely masculinized and, to an even greater extent, extremely feminized faces were least attractive when clean‐shaven and that stubble, and to some extent full beards, dampen the polarizing effects of extreme masculinity and femininity, possibly by obscuring the facial features that contribute to these overall shape cues.”

In other words, a beard softens the harsh features of a hyper-masculine man. It also adds some rugged charm to men who may be a little on the feminine side. Although that is true, it seems to only be to the benefit of men who are looking for a long-term relationship.

Women prefer more masculine faces for short-term relationships, regardless of whether they have facial hair or not.

If you are a man looking to settle down with someone, you might want to put away the razor for a while and go for a more natural look. It just may make the difference in finding love or not.

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