The Kind Of Woman You Are Based On The Month Of Your Birth

Here’s a list of character traits you have as a woman, based on the month of your birth:


Born in January, ladies are serious and conservative, exhibit among other things, high levels of ambitiousness and more than often a tendency to be critical and judgmental.

Although they are rarely nervous and slow to anger, you seriously don’t want them around when they feel any of those things. They are not very open-minded people and cave themselves. To crack them up can often be fatal to your relationship with them.

They also tend to hide their weaknesses and mistakes and prefer their tough images to moments of breaking down.

They will only allow people who are (according to them) at the same intellectual level as them.


Their thought processes are often abstract and their moods mercurial, which requires a lot of patient handling on your part.

They are incredibly romantic and would go to immense lengths to please their better halves.

But when it comes to betrayal there is no way they will forgive you. There are no second chances.


They have genuine temper issues. Enrage them and you are done.

They are dedicated and loyal and it is a pleasure to live with someone like them. They have a charming quality that makes it very easy to fall in love with them.

However, they see through the mind games men usually play with them, which makes them very wary about falling in love.


Diplomatic and good communicators. However, they are known to wallow in self-pity.

Their vice happens to be envy which stems from insecurities, and if the dam of jealousy burst open, make sure to run.

But if you are patient with one, April girls will make you the happiest!

5. MAY

They are very strongly attached to their principles and won’t back down ever, which sometimes makes them difficult to manage.

People who are born in May will give you everything you need if you have enough nerves to stick to their principles, which if you ask me is a really good thing. It’s incredibly rare to find people with principles these days, and I think we can all agree with that.


Curious, creative and communicative, June girls can be really blunt with their attitude and believe in hard truths said to the face.

They are mercurial lovers too, making relationships with them nearly impossible. (but don’t lose hope!)


They are closed books and rarely allow people in their privy lives and conversations. The mystery is part of their very charm.

They are honest and humble, although being far superior to their peers.

They are loyal partners, but will never give you a second chance. Once you screw them, you are screwed.

Remember, they hate unnecessary conflicts.


They have big hearts but large egos and they have a particular taste for winning. They have good senses of humor but if you mock them, you may be mocked twice in return.

They are suckers for attention and validation too. Men often go crazy for these girls.


They are kind and disciplined women who hate betrayals. They are people who want long relationships but do very little to smoothen the path; they expect a lot more than they give.

They are rarely self-critical, making it difficult to point out mistakes and expect healthy reactions.


Real-life women of iron who hate to open and cry in front of everyone. The fact that they are emotional does not help either.

They are brilliantly intelligent and wise beyond their years and are rarely disappointed. They are also the subject of other women’s envies.


They are always a step ahead, especially at drawing conclusions. They also happen to be excellent judges of character and can sniff out a lie with utmost ease and precision.

You should not take them lightly or frivolously.

And if you can not take blunt truths to the face, better not ask them for their opinion.


Impatient, hasty and lucky, these women can come out as winners in any situation. They are a lot of fun and can uplift your mood in a jiffy.

Their personalities will attract you and despite being hurt, they heal.

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