The Word You See First Reveals Your Subconscious Personality

Are you curious to know your subconscious mind?

We have a very simple test for you.

Just see the image and spell the word that comes to your mind first. Read on to learn about your results:

If you see LOVER:

Your subconscious personality is Lively!

If the first word you saw was LOVER, you are probably extroverted. You are likely very talkative and enjoy social situations. You are often seen as the life of the party and you love the attention. Your outgoing personality is something people often compliment you on. You are quite the conversationalist too.

If you see LOWER:

Your subconscious personality is Dominating!

If you saw LOWER, it means that you are a very dominating person. Your colleagues depend on you. You are willing to take risks. You are extremely diligent and you give your best, be it your work or your relationship.

If you see LOSER:

Your subconscious personality is Honest!

It means that your subconscious personality is very honest! You are a straight-shooter and people always feel that you are always honest with them, even though sometimes it can be annoying to them. On the other hand, they know that you will never deceive them and that is why you make them feel safe. Honestly, people love having you around because you’re a genuine person.

If you see LONER:

Your subconscious personality is a Deep Thinker and Creative Person!

You spend a lot of time thinking deeply. Sometimes your thoughts are all that you need to keep yourself busy. You spend a lot of time analyzing things and feels good to use your brain. You are not only a deep thinker but highly creative as well. If you saw the word “loner” first then you are probably very mindful and analytical.

Source: via APost

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