Turn Your World Upside-down Help You Get Smarter

Neurobics is defined as “activities or mental tasks designed to stimulate the brain and help prevent memory loss.” Sounds pretty boring, right? Surprisingly, some of the things that give your brain a healthy workout aren’t boring, but strange.

Performing the following 5 exercises on a regular basis will stimulate growth of new neural connections, strengthen nerve cells, and increase the production of nutrients which improve memory.

1. Turn your world upside down.

Maybe not everyone – just a few familiar things. Take your wall clock, a framed picture or whatever you have at home and flip it over. Indoor plants are probably not a good idea, but anything that can not run away should go.

Every day, when we see the same thing, our brain, especially our left hemisphere, recognizes familiarity and verifies it. By rearranging things a bit, we attack our right hemisphere and notice new shapes and sounds.

2. Look at the upper and lower shelves in a supermarket.

Retailers know that shopping attracts attention. Change that a bit. Look also at the items on the top and bottom shelves.

When we break with our usual routine and try new things, we trigger new responses in our brain. New experiences and learning new things are one of the most useful exercises for our brains.

3. Brush your teeth with your other hand.

According to a study by Case Western Reserve University, slight changes in habits (such as brushing your teeth with your other hand) increase your endurance to focus on tasks. We saw this trick earlier in various will contributions – like when the New York Times told us that we could increase our will by eating the right foods – but we never showed that simple thought. Lifehacker AU points out that even though the switch of the toothbrush can not really help your will, it may not affect your dental health because you can reach parts of your mouth that you have ignored with your brushing technique normal. Everyone wins!

4. Inhale the aroma oil in the morning.

You probably do not remember when you “learned” to associate the smell of coffee at the beginning of the day. However, if you have a new smell, for example. For example, the combination of vanilla, citrus or peppermint with activity will alert you to new neural pathways. Brain Exercise: Keep an extract of your favorite perfume near your bed for a week. Open it and breathe when you wake up for the first time, then again when you are bathing and getting dressed.

5. Shower with your eyes closed.

Oxbridge Don should not impress his clients with an intelligence-based formula: watch the countdown, play sudoku, remember phone numbers and take a shower with your eyes closed.

However, such brain exercises can become up to 40% smarter in seven days, a BBC program this week.


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