Which Chalice Would You Drink From?

1. The Chalice of the Healer

Decorated with turquoise, it is the chalice that heals those who drink it. The intermingling serpents give the wearer incredible power to know the secrets of poisons and healings of all kinds.

Once you have chosen this chalice, you must become more involved in the healing arts because they are naturally predisposed to it.

2. The Chalice of the Ceremonial Witch/Wizard

Even the most complicated spell can be understood by you. You chose the Egyptian chalice decorated with hieroglyphs. Your powers are manifested to put order in chaos and you have a disciplined mind.

You will flourish by beginning to practice the awesome art of ceremonial magic, and even the most complicated ritual can reveal its secrets.

3. The Chalice of the Theurgist

You drank from the cup that brings the bearer of God closer. The three aspects of divine union in one and the owner gain clarity when they understand their sacred role. Connect to these aspects because the three are equally powerful and can help us a lot. Learn more about Triquetra!

You should practice the conspiracy of the gods and learn to become perfect again in order to achieve perfection and the union between the human and the divine.

4. The Chalice of the Elementalist

This cup is decorated with the colors and symbols of the four elements, allowing the wearer to understand the elements and to be one with them.

Start by looking at the element you are approaching and deepen your connection with them. I’m sure you can solve more important secrets than you ever imagined. You can try to adapt to the magic of each element. How? Here is a simple guide on how to connect to any element in a very simple and effective way.

5. The Chalice of the Medium

The drinker of this modest cup receives the gift of mediumship. You can perceive more of what the eye sees and you certainly know that you can see the invisible.

As a bridge between the spirit world and the human world, you can bring messages and unite both sides. Start practicing what you have always seen as a gift.

6. The Chalice of the Natural Witch

The drinker of this cup has the power to connect with nature and perform miracles. The double helix shows your connection to Mother Earth and clarifies the meaning above, see below. We are always connected – as long as we breathe. That’s why we should clean and strengthen this volume.

Spend more time in nature and call the sacred forces that live there. Use magic to connect to the earth and connect them to the entire planet. I am sure you will be able to deepen your connection and understand what remains a mystery to us all.


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