Which Door Do You Choose?

This 4-door personality test will help you a little to understand you better and thus reveal a little more of what is hidden in the subconscious.

Door #1

You are passionate, patient and very understanding about the difficulties that others face. Sometimes you face the problems of others and forget to find the time to work on yourself. You are full of love and peace and have a positive attitude towards life. You have a great sense of style and a lot of charisma! People are attracted to you !!!

Door #2

You are artistic and have a great sense of style! You are a very creative and artistic person! You see the world from your own point of view and can see the emotions of others in a unique way. You will succeed by entering the field of art and design! You have an exquisite sense of aesthetics and design!

Door #3

You have a great capacity of intuition: if someone tries to deceive you, you will notice it very quickly! When you work on something, you also use your intuition to help you do things faster and more efficiently. You have a lot of patience, even if something serious happens. In addition, try to overcome obstacles by staying positive. You like to believe that something good is going to happen. You listen carefully to the stories of your friends and they touch you easily because you are very emotional. Your friends always love you because you have a friendly and sweet personality.

Door #4

You tend to be silent about most things because you do not like people talking about you. You have a clear idea of ​​every aspect of your life and sometimes criticize others. However, this is something you can not help, because if you see someone wrong, you can not help but direct your eyes towards the goal, because he never seems to listen to you! You like to work and are very original. You like to solve problems and inspire other human beings. Although you are introspective, you are not cold or rude, but give a refreshing look to the people who really appreciate you and who love to have them with you.


Experts Say How You Draw an “X” Reveals Something Interesting About Your Personality.

In the image below, the colored line represents the first line a person scribbles when drawing an “X”. Take a look at what of these styles might reveal about your personality and learn more about the eight species.


So without further ado, here’s what your X-choice says about you:

Style One

If you draw your X with two reverse strokes, starting from the lower right, it indicates that while you may want to move forward, you have both feet stuck in the past.

Style Two

Drawing your lines upwards while starting in reverse (bottom left, then bottom right), indicates that you might yearn to take a huge leap from your baggage and move forward, but your past is still tying you down.

Style Three

These are both reverse strokes that start from the top right and drawn in the same direction. This style indicates that you are a rebel with no cause. Remember the movie “rebel without a cause’ starring Jimmy Dean? You most probably might recognize yourself in it.

Style Four

Since the second stroke is drawn from the top right to bottom left — also known as the “right” way that was taught by schools — it could mean that this person has the desire to work on their ambitions, but might waver back to old habits. According to Oprahmag.com, they might be “driving while looking only through the rearview mirror.”

Style Five

The first half of this X—drawn from top right to bottom left—is made “correctly,” but the 2nd—drawn from bottom left to top right—is written in reverse direction, revealing that you’re a maverick. It feels good to live by your own rules, doesn’t it?

Style Six

In this style, the X is drawn with a stroke starting from bottom left and out of order. It means you are a trendsetter and really own it. You do things differently no doubt but in a positive way which makes you creative too.

Style Seven

This is how you were likely taught in school to write your letters, going from left to right. That indicates that you don’t tend to stray from the norm—and you like order and balance.

Style Eight

No 8 is also indicative of rebelliousness. It starts form the top right of the page moving forwards in a downwards direction. It pretty much means the same as the others besides no 7.

Well, it may sound silly that the letter X can indicate your personality, but while it isn’t as extensive as a complete zodiac reading, there is some truth to it having been a subject of analysis by a credible expert and it was fun anyway as it provided a small insight into your soul.


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