Widower Father Wears A Dress, Wig, And Heels To Cheer Up His Daughter On Mother’s Day

Only those who have children know what unconditional parental love is. Mothers and fathers are capable of craziest things only to make their kids happy. An unusual and fascinating gesture that took place in the city of Goiânia, Brazil, is a clear example of this.

With Mother’s Day approaching, 33-year-old entrepreneur Daniel Correa, like many other men in his situation, was worried about one thing only: how to cheer up his daughter Luna from the recent loss of her mother.


Widowed father wears a dress, wig and heels to cheer up his daughter on Mother’s Day. What was her solution? She asked her dad to be her “mommy for a day” at the party. Daniel posted this on his Instagram account:

She asked, her eyes full of tears, me to be her mother for a day. She asked for the pink beard and blond wig.

Daniel than wrote that his initial reaction was to try to talk his daughter out of it. He even proposed reasonable alternatives: she could invite her grandmother or one of her aunts. But she was determined! Her insistence melted the father’s heart who would do anything for Luna to be happy.

I love Luna. I would do it all over again for her.


Priceless – that’s how Daniel described Luna’s smile when she saw him as her “mommy for a day.” Once he landed on social networks, the unusual gesture received an extraordinary response from the Internet community. The post has already collected more than 420,000 likes on Instagram and endless praises in the comments.

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