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Little Johnny lost his father

Five year old Little Johnny was lost, so he went up to a policeman and said,

“I’ve lost my dad!”

The policeman said, “What’s he like?”

Little Johnny replied, “Beer and women!”

Is your father like that?


The Little Boy and the Gravestones

A woman takes her little boy to visit their dead relatives’ gravestones at a cemetery. The little boy has never been to a cemetery before. The woman first takes her son her grandmother Annie’s gravestone.

The initials under Annie’s name say R.I.P. The little boy asks, “Mommy, what does R.I.P. stand for?”

His mother replies, “It stands for ‘Rest in Peace.’ That means we wish for Grandma Annie’s spirit to find peace in the afterlife.”

Then, they come across the gravestone of the woman’s uncle Joe. The little boy asks, “Mommy, what does R.I.H. stand for?”,

pointing to the initials printed under Uncle Joe’s name.

“We really didn’t like Uncle Joe.” Said his mother.

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