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How Many “7”s Can You Find Among Zs?

If you can do the last one in less than 60 seconds you can be proud of your incredibly sharp vision. Let’s challenge your friends as well – who can find it faster?

And don’t worry! If you get stuck, you can scroll down to check out the answer. Are you up for the challenge? Go for it!

How many “7”s can you count?

How many "7"s can you count?

Did you do it? If you struggled, don’t worry – practice makes perfect. We have the solution for you, right below.








The correct answer is: 7

Did you get it right without peeking for the solution?

Only people with eagle eyes can solve this in under 10 seconds – can you?

Today, we’ve got two challenges laid out for you, both of which are supposed to be completed within a 10-second timeframe.

In the picture below, you’ll see a square full of O’s. Lurking amongst them is a small number of Q’s. Your job is to find these imposters – all of them – in under ten seconds.

How did you do? Find them all?

The trick with that one is to not let your eyes follow their natural reading pattern in looking around the mid-point of the letters. Instead, read along the bottom of the letters and you’ll have an easier time distinguishing the Q’s thanks to their little tails. There are 9 Q’s total, so well done if you got them all.

Next up, we’ve got something trickier.

The following puzzle focuses on numbers in place of letters. Fractions, in fact. As you’ll see, there are a host of 1/4 fractions in the box.

Somewhere in the midst of all of them is a 3/4 hiding. Just one. Can you find it in under 10 seconds?

If you managed to find the 3/4 (hiding in the second line) then well done!

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