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An Old Farmer Want To Have Service For His Dog In Church

A farmer named Muldoon lived alone in the Irish countryside except for a pet dog he had for many years.

When his dog sadly d..ie…d, Muldoon went to the parish priest, saying: “Father Patrick, my dog is dead. Could you possibly say Mass for the poor creature?”

Father Patrick told the farmer: “No, we can’t have services for an animal in church. But I’ll tell you what, there’s a new denomination down the road, and – no telling what they believe in – maybe they’ll do something for your pet.”

Muldoon said: “I’ll go right now. By the way, do you think $50,000 is enough of a donation for the service?”

“Oh, why didn’t you tell me the dog was Catholic??”

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Old Woman Was Walking Her Dog

One evening, an old woman was walking her dog when a young man ran by her, grabbed her purse, and took off.

A couple across the street ran over to check on her saying the police were called and would be here in a few minutes.

The old woman smiles and tells the couple it’s really not a big deal. She carries her old purse to put her dog’s poop in it until she comes home to get rid of it.

Imagine the surprise when the thief opens the purse.

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