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Only a few people see all the faces in this picture – how many can you find?

How many faces can you see?

In the picture below you can see two faces and a tree. But the challenge itself is to find more than that.

The origin of the picture is unclear, but according to most forums on the Internet, the number of faces you see depends on your memory.

Of course, do not take this information too seriously, it’s always a fun challenge! Look at the next picture, and then, check what your “number” says about your memory.






Here are the results

Two to four faces

The two faces right at the tree are easy to find. But if you only succeed in finding two to four, it could mean that you have a bad memory.

Five to six faces

Did you find more than four faces in the image? Nice, keep looking, but if five or six is all you can find, it means your memory is okay.

Seven to eight faces

If you found seven or eight faces, your memory is good, but not great. Continue to practice with this type of puzzles!

More than nine faces

Congratulations if you found nine or more faces! Your memory is the sharpest and you never forget a face!

Did you spend a lot of time looking for faces in the picture? Below you can see most of them!

How many faces were you able to find?

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