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How Quickly Can You Find the ‘Odd One Out’ in This Mind-Boggling Picture Puzzle?

The rule is simple. Spot the odd one out which means that one member or item of a group is different and doesn’t fit the rest of the group. We have some groups of quizzes for you, in which you have to find the odd one out. Take a look at the groups of words below and see how quickly you can spot the odd one out!!

1. . Discover the odd one out!

2. What about this one?

3. Getting tougher!

4. Nonetheless too straightforward for you? Scroll on!

5. Can you discover the odd one out this time?


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By the time we reach adulthood, however, most of us have forgotten the basic principles of doing the math that help to make this problem relatively simple.

In order to understand the information behind the problem, it was necessary to talk to some certified math teachers. Go ahead and try it for yourself and then look down to see if you have the correct answer or not.

The math problem is: 50 + 50 – 25 x 0 + 2 + 2 = ?

The correct answer would look something like this: 50+50-25×0+2+2 = 104

Here are the basic principles:
1. You first do what’s in the parentheses (in this situation, there are none)

2. Second, exponents (again, there are none)

3. Third, any multiplication or division (whichever comes first) from left to right (-25 x 0 =0)

4. You now have 50+50-0+2+2

5. Fourth, you do addition and subtraction from left to right, 50+50 = 100

6. Now you have 100-0+2+2

7. This gives you the correct answer of 104


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