10 Ways to Keep Negativity Out of Your Relationships

If your relationship is filled with negativity, it will not last forever. For a relationship to work, you have to be willing to work together and to understand each other’s viewpoint. You need self-awareness, commitment and compassion to keep your relationship alive.

Unfortunately, negativity can secretly start to creep in. Over time, this negativity can start to hurt your relationship. You might not realize how bad it is until it is too late. To keep toxic negativity from harming your relationship, make sure to use the following 10 ways to get rid of negativity.

1. Open Communication

Communication is important for a healthy relationship. When you love someone, you need to be comfortable sharing your honest opinions. If one partner keeps secrets or avoids talking about their problems, it can end up harming the relationship.

Often, people hide their thoughts because they are afraid of hurting the other person. Start working on having open, honest communication in your relationship. When you disagree with each other, avoid yelling or name-calling.

Healthy relationships are built on communication and trust, so these qualities are extremely important if you want your partnership to last.

2. Don’t Pick Apart The Other Person’s Flaws

The most inappropriate way to let your partner know what upsets you is to constantly point out their imperfections to them. Everyone in the world will have at least one point in their character that will put you off but it doesn’t mean that you have to concentrate on that solely.

If their unpleasant qualities are so noticeable to you, it is better to go your separate ways because flaw picking doesn’t change the other person.

3. Always Appreciate Each Other

This is true for romantic relationships as well as co-workers, family members, and friends. Modern life is hectic and busy, so it is easy to take someone for granted. When you value someone, let them know it. People want to feel like they are loved, valued and respected.

When they make an effort to do something nice, let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Plus, someone is more likely to appreciate and praise you when you show your gratitude.

For a relationship to work, you need love and mutual respect. Even when life is busy, take a moment to pay attention to the other person. Whether you are dealing with a friend or a lover, let them know how much you value having them in your life.

4. Forget Grudges

Everyone makes mistakes. If your partner has done something, work it out and move on with it. There is no use to keep on reminding them about what they have done in the past.

Remember that you have made mistakes as well, and you wouldn’t feel very good if someone reminded you of them all the time.

5. Skip The Jealousy

There are many amazing relationships that end because of jealousy. When you become jealous, it causes you to say or do things that you would never have done before. Being jealous can push someone away from you. It chokes the relationship and makes the other person feel untrustworthy.

When you date an amazing person, it is natural to worry about your competition. You know how intelligent, attractive and amazing your partner is, so it seems unbelievable that they would be with you.

Try not to compare yourself to other people. You obviously have many amazing qualities because they chose to be with you, so try to keep your jealousy in check.

6. Avoid Complaining

The other person is not someone who you can constantly vent out on and throw all your frustrations at them. This makes both of you feel drained and unpleasant to each other. Instead of talking about problems, talk about ways in which you can improve different situations. Be an uplifter for the other so both of you enjoy each other’s company more.

7. Try Not To Compare Yourself

There is always someone better than you in the world. The world is filled with billions of people, so this is only natural. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, appreciate yourself and your relationship for what it is. You are different than everyone else so your relationship will be just as unique. Focus on what you do have instead of what your relationship lacks.

8. Changing People Does Not Work

People do not change easily. Every person is a unique result of their genetics, habits, and experience, and that is the beauty of each one. Instead of trying to change the other to make you satisfied, find the qualities in them that you can cooperate with and enjoy. You can inspire them to improve themselves with time but in a very delicate and positive way.

9. Be Kind

Kindness and compassion are important for any relationship. When you are kind to someone else, they are more likely to respond with kindness. By becoming a kinder person, you will attract people like yourself.

10. Start Laughing

Laughter and negativity cannot exist together. When you are down, maybe it is time to take your comic side out and make yourself laugh more. Life is not so serious once the inner child can play.

When you allow yourself to be more light-hearted, you will naturally attract the other person to you and make both of you feel better about life in general.

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