12 Differences Between True Love And Fake Love You Must Know

To find a true lover who can give you real love, you have to know what true love is. To attract and keep him/her, you have to give a genuine love in return. Knowing how to distinguish pure love from false love will give you wisdom on how to build a long-lasting relationship and avoid the toxic ones. Such insight will also keep you away from futile suffering due to loving the wrong person. Moreover, it will prevent you from hurting people and being guilty for not giving the right love.

So without further ado, here are 12 differences between true love and fake love that you must know.

1. True love is joyful; fake love is bitter.

False love may also have some happy moments, but it is still superficial and based primarily on momentary pleasures. True love gives you unforgettable memories, lots of fun, rewarding experiences and usually the joy you’ve never felt before. It is something that is worth waiting for and is not in a hurry. Are you so happy now or are you still waiting?

2. True love acts with trembling; fake love just doesn’t care.

True love is not just talking and promising. It’s not just a question of actions. True love works with passion, enthusiasm and energy. He always wants the best for you. He’s afraid to let you down. On the other hand, the false love for you is nonchalant. She always has excuses instead of fulfilling her obligations to you.

3. True love grows a relationship; fake love makes it sick and toxic.

If you are lucky enough to find true love, you can hope to become a serious and mature relationship one day. However, if it is a bad love, it can only be toxic and you will always regret to have made this relationship. If it hurts you, is insulting and is especially sad, instead of enjoying the time you spend together, do not hesitate and run away!

4. True love rejoices in the truth; fake love hides in the darkness of lies.

True love benefits from an honest life. He can not be satisfied with lies. It eliminates your doubts and uncertainties because it always shows honesty and transparency. On the other hand, false love makes lies. He is afraid to approach the light. He lives in the dark and does not provide enlightenment.

5. True love trusts; fake love doubts too much.

True love has no problem with trust. It’s part of a relationship. But false love is dominated by doubts. Well, everyone wants to be treated seriously and trustworthy when we go out with someone. What if the other person makes fun of everything you say and doubts that you are telling the truth? How would you feel then? Well, probably not so happy …

6. True love protects; fake love hurts.

As a loving partner, it protects you in every case. He is even ready to sacrifice his own life in case of danger. You can probably imagine something like that, as is often the case in romantic comedies. Well, bad love is completely different. It hurts, it hurts. You can not enjoy your life, you can not smile and tears are often part of your life …

7. True love knows and understands you; fake love just doesn’t get it.

True love knows you as a person. He strives to know everything about you so that you can love him even better. He understands you before you say a word, because he can read your thoughts and feel your feelings. On the other hand, bad love does not care about your thoughts and feelings, so it has no idea what’s going on between you.

8. True love is kind; fake love is cruel.

True love has a big heart. It’s generous and compassionate. It gives you more love and attention than you deserve. On the other hand, bad love is heartless. You get pain and abuse that you do not even deserve.

9. True love is loyal; fake love is a cheater.

You can tell your partner everything and you know that your deepest secrets and mysterious things will not make you forget your relationship. Not only is he your loving partner with whom you share your bed, but he is usually your soul mate who knows how to support you. And as a partner, he will never deceive you. All of this is based on mutual trust and understanding.

10. True love is patient; fake love is short-tempered.

If he’s in love with you and it’s a real feeling, he’s always patient with you. You can even ask him to wait with the first moments intimate, and he will agree, even if it is not what he planned. However, fake love always seems to be in a hurry. If you demand patience, you can only get angry and angry. You’d better be wary of such relationships!

11. True love feels fulfilled; fake love feels empty.

True love is complete. We feel that there is nothing to be desired. He appreciates with you every moment because he considers his dreams as realities. On the other hand, bad love is not happy with you. It’s greedy and dissatisfied. He always wants something more, something different.

12. True love is hopeful; fake love easily gives up.

True love includes you in your future and sees you as someone you want to live with all your life. Therefore, never give up fighting for yourself and your relationship. On the other hand, bad love does not have permanent plans for you. Therefore, he does not consider you important and gives you up easily.



























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