I no longer have the energy to chase after you.

I lost all energy for you. They let me hunt too long and I can not do it anymore. I am too tired to give you more energy. I can bring myself to make the slightest effort.

Things will change. They will not hear about me as before. I will not answer you within minutes. You will not be at the top of my list of priorities. If you ask me to come to me, I could be too busy. I will not do any more projects for you. I will not go if you call.

I’m not trying to be too hard or mean. I am too tired to be interested. I am tired of giving everything with nothing. I know now that there is never a relationship, so I will not try so hard.

I will not think of the perfect answer for you. I will not plan the perfect text. Expect the answer to a word from me, as well as the number I received from you. You will not be the one I am looking for in a crowded room. You will not receive any special treatment.

You may be wondering why I change suddenly. They’ll think it’s out of nowhere. But no matter. How long did you think I cling to every word? How long do you think you can keep me hooked without interfering? Did you just assume that I had nothing better to do than wait for you? Have you thought I have no other options?

I can not wait to have a conversation with you. I do not turn on when I see your face. I’m not sorry if you write me a text message. I do not wait for your news.

At one point in my life, I would have done anything to see you. I would have done everything to feel wanted. The nights you wanted to talk to me, I stayed awake for a long time.

But I have no energy. I can not give you anything anymore. You took everything and stole everything from me. I know it’s not worth it.

I can not take the time to think of an excellent answer to your text. Finally, I will not take the time to answer you. You will probably stop writing for me. We will separate and it is not my fault. I did my best to make things work.

It would only prove that you never really cared about me. They never worked in our relationship. It was a one-way relationship. I was the only one to make an effort and I realize it now.

I should have stopped chasing you for a long time. I thought I could change you. I thought I was different. But I was wrong. I deserve to be treated better. I finished chasing you. I have no energy to chase you.


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