Stop Letting Them Get Away With These 5 Things In Your Relationship

Long relationships are not always easy. According to clinical psychologist, Lisa Blum, the relationships that last the longest and are most enduring are the ones that take a lot of work.

The idea of a perfect relationship can negatively impact on your relationship. It gets in the way. We want a perfect life and we do things to maintain peace in the relationship. We put up with things we should not and lose sight of the end goal. A happy life does not always mean a perfect life.

Relationships are sometimes complicated and messy. Pay attention to what you are willing to accept and not accept them.

1. Don’t accept behaviors that damage your trust.

Trust is extremely important in a relationship. It is the foundation that your relationship is built on. When you do not trust your partner, the relationship will be weakened.

When someone breaks your trust, it’s their fault, not yours. Do not blame yourself for trusting them. Blame them for breaking your trust. The only way to learn whether or not to trust someone is to learn by experience.

2. Don’t accept negative energy.

A relationship should be a positive part of your life. You should feel inspired and uplifted. You should not feel exhausted or tired when you see your partner. Do not accept negative energy if they bring it.

It is normal to have rough patches. Sometimes it’s normal to have negative energy. But don’t make it a common practice to put up with it. When you reach a point where your negative interactions than positive, you must evaluate your relationship. You do not want to be with someone you want to avoid regularly.

3. Don’t accept laziness.

You must be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone in a relationship. You must take time for yourself and your health. There are always excuses for which you can not go to the gym or go for a walk. But when you do that, you feel lazy and sluggish for the rest of the day.

You do not want that to be in your relationship. A good way to do this is to work out with your partner. It can bond you together as well as help you both work on yourselves. You become stronger individually and as a couple.

4. Don’t compete.

You may have a common goal of losing 30 pounds before the summer holidays so you can start hitting the gym and eating better together. However, you may soon find that the other person lifting heavier weights. Try to one-up them, and eventually, it turns into a vicious game rather than a mutual goal.

Stay supportive and encourage the other person to do their best while also putting in your greatest effort. As long as you try your hardest and cheer your partner on, you’ll both come out on top!

5. Don’t change yourself to be around your partner.

You should never feel the need to be another person just to accommodate someone. At first, it’s exhausting and it’s a telling sign that the relationship is not consensual. There is some element of that individual that does not jive with the person you are.

It does not matter if the person expresses their dissatisfaction with you or you don’t know that you have to change in order for them to accept you. It is important that you do not feel comfortable being yourself, which should not be acceptable to you under any circumstance.


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