Why Should Men Worry When Their Woman Goes Silent

Men, now is a very good time to learn something important about women. Knowing this could help strengthen your love and your relationship. Every man should know this because every woman on the planet Earth does this. The majority of men worry when a woman yells at them.

Don’t let that worry you. Also do not worry if she blames you for something. You shouldn’t really worry if she sends you a long message or phone call stating why she is upset, that isn’t the biggest worry you should focus on.

Also, you shouldn’t worry when she decides to come all across town to knock on your door in the middle of the night just because she is mad and hurt and wants to talk.

Believe it or not, but you shouldn’t worry when she cries at night because of something you did or said.

Are you surprised you are reading this? You need to understand that they are all displays of her love. Yes, they are all exhibits of how much she loves you, and they are cries for your attention.

So when you should worry? You should worry when her messages are only answers of one word.

Worry when you notice that she no longer fights with you, worry when she stops crying and knocking on your door. Worry when she stops reacting and talking.

Why should you worry? You should worry because this only means that you are no longer worth her anger, and you are no longer worth the fight. Because it says that those flames that burned her passion are now cold as ice.

Worry because a woman’s silence is far more dangerous than her words, her silence can destroy much more than her words ever will. A woman’s silence means you are no longer that person who occupies her thoughts.

You see, women love words, they love to speak their mind because they feel all the words they say, they come from their heart. Words represent the depth of a woman, and they are always genuine.

But bear in mind that women hate silence. They are not comfortable with feelings left unattended, words left unsaid and hearts being neglected.

Her words are her love, and her silence is her departure, as a matter of fact, it is the beginning of the end. A woman’s silence means she doesn’t care and that she is giving up on you. She is silent because you don’t deserve her words.

Her silence is only a response to your silence. Therefore, you shouldn’t fear a woman’s heated arguments, the different ways she tries to show you who she is, the tears she cannot hold back because you are her world.

Don’t fear them, simply appreciate them, they are the ways she wants to stay and fight with you because she wants to fight for you. Fear, yes, fear the day this stops, and everything is quiet.

Fear when you hurt her, and she smiles. Fear when you annoy her, and she doesn’t react. Fear this because it means that she is ready to go and leave you, she is ready to walk out your life.

She is ready never to return back, and you, well you should be prepared to lose the love of your life.

Source: gottadotherightthing.com

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