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What Time Did Alice Reach The Station? Can You Solve This Hard Riddle?

Solve this riddle mentally and quickly.

A train leaves from Magic City every 40 minutes to Fairyland.

When Alice reached the station, the station master told her that the train had left 15 minutes ago and the next train to Magic City will leave at 9:40 p.m.

At what time, did Alice reach the station?







The train has a gap of 40 minutes so the train before 9:40 pm would be at 9:00 pm.

As this information has been given that the train left 15 minutes prior to her reaching the station

We can conveniently say the time that Alice reached the station is;

9:00 p.m. + 15 min = 9:15 PM


The riddle that only a few people can solve: Are you able to do it?

Most adults get it wrong: Are you clever enough to pass this tricky test?

Can you figure out the answer?

That’s why, today, I wanted to invite you to try to solve these 2 tricky riddles below!

It is said that only a few can solve them on their first try, so that’s why we included an extra one.

Let’s do this!

Can you figure out the correct answer to this riddle?

Now think carefully, don’t rush.

I will admit that I myself was a little quick with my answer when I first saw this riddle.

If you are unsure, please take your time and read it again.

We will show you the answer below!




Here is the answer

The correct answer is that the brother is now 16 years. Most people think the brother is now 9 years, but remember that the siblings have a two-year difference, things get clearer if you think about it that way.

Now it is time for our next challenge! Either you can get even or get all the riddles right!

Easier than it seems

How is the scenario in this riddle possible? This time you won’t get any options to choose from!

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