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Can You Spot The Hidden Word in this Puppy Art?

It’s a pretty simple one, but it was still pretty fun to make!

So can you spot the hidden word in this spectacular piece of puppy art?

There is a hidden word in this dog picture; I swear!

Don’t try looking for the hidden word illusion too hard, though.

It’s really not all that difficult and it should jump right out at you in a moment.

Did you spot the hidden word?

If you still can’t see the hidden word in this drawing, try thinking about what it’s a drawing of. Does that help? Do you see the hidden word now?

Okay, for all of you that just can’t see the hidden word in this drawing at all, keep scrolling for the solution…








Woof! That’s right – the hidden word in this image was actually right in front of you the whole time, in more ways than one!

It’s a drawing of a dog, and the hidden word is actually “dog”.

Not overly creative or difficult, but still interesting enough to be fun.

Look at this picture. At first glance, it seems that there are only rabbits in it.

There is, however, a chicken hidden somewhere. Can you spot it?

The faster you can find it, the better the level of concentration you have, and that’s good news!

Was this quiz easy or difficult for you?

Now, it’s time to check whether you could find the chicken among the rabbits!

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