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How Long Does it Take You to Spot the Bee?

Can you find the bee in this picture?

Hint: it might be easier if you make the picture as big as you can, or zoom in.

Did you find it?

If you haven’t found the little bee, we’ll help you out.

Concentrate on the bottom half of the picture.

Any luck? No?

Okay, scroll down for the answer.








There are three Doraemon images in the given picture. One is slightly different from the other two.

Can you tell which one and why?

2% of the population can spot the difference in only 3 seconds.

There’s a unique one different from other two, which is it?

Scroll down for the answer.







If you watch closely, you will notice that the 2nd picture has the eyes slightly different then the others;

So Answer = 2

How long does it take for you to find the difference between three?


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