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She Called Him a Pig.

A woman was sued by a man for defamation of character.

He charged that she had called him a pig.

She was found guilty and fined.

After the trial, she asked the judge: “Does this mean I cannot call Mr. Johnson a pig?”

The judge said that was true.

“Does this mean I cannot call a pig Mr. Johnson?” asked the woman.

The judge replied that she could indeed call a pig Mr. Johnson with no fear of being charged with a crime.

The woman turned, looked directly at Mr. Johnson, and said, “Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson.”

Is it funny?

This redneck was parked behind a trailer load of pigs near the zoo in Washington, DC.

As the truck drove away–one of the pigs fell out.

The redneck walked over and picked the pig up and placed it in the front seat of his truck.

He was sitting there looking puzzled when a policeman walked up and asked what was going on.

He told the story and the policeman recommended he take the pig to the zoo.

The redneck was sitting in the same spot the next day with the pig sitting up in the front seat.

The cop said “didn’t I ask you to take this pig to the zoo?”

The redneck replied “I did and he liked it so well–today I’m taking him to the movies!”

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